Lenten Season is Here

I missed a couple of meetings since last time I wrote due to Gina’s Rosary being one night and last Thursday was my nephew’s school recital but I did go weigh in on Saturday and found out that the old leader my aunt and I had where she lives hosts those meetings now.  I did gain 2 1/2 pounds which wasn’t a surprise. This whole ordeal with Gina has been really hard but hopefully I can find a way to cope with everything going on with something other than food.

Last Saturday I also went to my aunt’s house and we went and got her set up at Verizon with an iPhone.  It’s her very first smart phone and I showed her the basics so she knew how to make a call, text, where the settings were, etc. and I’m going to show her more things each week because it’s easier for her to learn as she goes instead of getting an overload of information.  My mom ended up coming by too and we all went to mass together at my aunt’s church, then out for dinner. So it was a good and busy day.

I decided to give up all fast food (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, etc.) and soda for lent. I also want to do the “blue dot challenge” again which is when you are able to track online you get a daily healthy points range which is no less than 3 points below and no more than 7 points above your daily points target. Mine being 33 per day, I need to stay between 30 and 40 points per day and if I do, it shows a little blue dot on the calendar under journey tab on the app (probably online too) I haven’t been great with tracking yesterday and today but I’m going to log in everything and hopefully I didn’t do too bad. I did have lunch with my friend at the Old Spaghetti Factory today so hopefully I had the points left over for that…

I am looking forward to getting to my meeting tomorrow. I miss my meetings, I like the people there and I like my leader.  She’s genuine and friendly. So tomorrow I will write about what our meeting was about but since Lent is a completely different subject, I thought I’d post that first. The meeting post will come out probably Friday or Saturday.

Anywho… I thought I’d just write a quick blip on my break to keep the blog going and know I’m still working on my journey!