Starting my Intuitive Eating Journey

About a month ago after a lot of thought and finding out I got a deal with my health insurance for access to a bunch of gyms all over the country for $25 per month, I decided to cancel my Weight Watchers plan.  If I’m being honest with myself, I only go for the social aspect, and I’m not counting my points, and that mindset goes against what Intuitive Eating is.  I feel like I just cut ties with a loved one. I just need to focus on healing my relationship with food right now and I know I need to get more active.

So… I’m a procrastinator (to state the obvious) but I finally got the Intuitive Eating book several weeks ago and now I’m really going to delve into this new chapter of my life.  I watch this one YouTube channel called Clean & Delicious and she’s primarily into clean eating but she just happened to talk about Intuitive Eating a couple of weeks ago and I guess it got a lot of positive feedback and last week she said she is starting a 10 week series on intuitive eating and she’s following with the 10 chapters in the book and I couldn’t believe the timing of it all!  So her first video came out yesterday and I just finished the first chapter which was only 8 pages long so these weeks are doable for me.  I’m going to read the chapter for the following week so by the time her video comes up, I’ll have read that chapter and I’m excited to do this.  I thought if I get my act together enough, I could follow along here too.  Have a blog each week on each chapter of the book and what I learned from both the book and the video series.

So after I watch the video, I will get some notes together and write a post about the first chapter.  I’m sure it won’t be much because I SO am not an expert or anything but I’ll just write a little about what I learned.


About Shannon

I'm a 30 something Disney Addict, Healthy Living enthusiast finding my way in California's capital.
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