Switching Things Up with Simply Filling

I haven’t been doing well lately with tracking and I’ve been eating a lot of processed foods and eating things I probably should stay away from so I decided to give my body a break from the junk food and try out Simply Filling.

If you don’t know, Simply Filling, is Weight Watchers non-tracking plan.  You can eat as much of the Simply Filling foods as you need and not track those foods.  You still get your weeklies for foods that aren’t on the list to use throughout the day and you can do this day by day instead of week by week. So the plan is to track points on weekends so I have flexiblity and follow simply filling during the week.

I did write a post several years ago on what Simply Filling is when they were still counting Points Plus and I think the plan is still the same. So if you’d like to read into what Simply Filling is all about, click here. I think in a week or two (once I get a little more familiar with the Simply Filling plan) I’m going to get another post together to give you an update on the Simply Filling plan as I took a quick look over that post I linked to and it is pretty old so it would probably be good to get a refreshed post out.

I did the Simply Filling method about 1/2 of this week. The plan was to track on the weekends and do simply filling on the weekdays.  We did end up going to a family friends’ pizza restaurant and I knew except for salad (minus dressing), there wouldn’t be anything for me to eat.  I kept thinking, what can I get before so I have my dinner and in the end, I just decided to track that day and have pizza for dinner.  So that is my favorite part of this and I can live my life without being a pain in the butt or inconveniencing myself and my family in the process.

So far the days I did do Simply Filling, I have felt very satisfied and I felt like I didn’t have a weight tied to me with tracking, and how many points is that, and obsessing over everything and it feels more like a lifestyle change than the points do to me.  It also makes the days that I do track like less of a hassle because I don’t have to do it every day.

I will say though I am still having a hard time with cravings.  When the pizza was in front of my face, I ate way more than I care to admit, and the following day my brother and nephew came to visit after school and he got a Little Caesar’s pizza and I ate a couple of pieces of that. (I also had a couple of donuts at work Thursday because my co-worker brought them in) so I have some work to do on controlling myself around certain foods.

Ironically enough, I’m really tired of pizza but you put it in front of my face and I turn into Mr. Hyde!

That being said, I wasn’t expecting much from my weigh-in on Thursday and MUCH to my surprise, I lost 5.4 pounds! I did a double take and looked at the woman weighing me in and she told me how much and I was just so stunned.  I think I’m going to stick with tracking points on the weekends and simply filling during the weekdays then adjust as needed because it definitely seems to be a better fit for me at the moment.

I am really excited about trying new things and seeing where this road takes me and I will definitely keep you all posted on my progress.

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Lenten Season is Here

I missed a couple of meetings since last time I wrote due to Gina’s Rosary being one night and last Thursday was my nephew’s school recital but I did go weigh in on Saturday and found out that the old leader my aunt and I had where she lives hosts those meetings now.  I did gain 2 1/2 pounds which wasn’t a surprise. This whole ordeal with Gina has been really hard but hopefully I can find a way to cope with everything going on with something other than food.

Last Saturday I also went to my aunt’s house and we went and got her set up at Verizon with an iPhone.  It’s her very first smart phone and I showed her the basics so she knew how to make a call, text, where the settings were, etc. and I’m going to show her more things each week because it’s easier for her to learn as she goes instead of getting an overload of information.  My mom ended up coming by too and we all went to mass together at my aunt’s church, then out for dinner. So it was a good and busy day.

I decided to give up all fast food (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, etc.) and soda for lent. I also want to do the “blue dot challenge” again which is when you are able to track online you get a daily healthy points range which is no less than 3 points below and no more than 7 points above your daily points target. Mine being 33 per day, I need to stay between 30 and 40 points per day and if I do, it shows a little blue dot on the calendar under journey tab on the app (probably online too) I haven’t been great with tracking yesterday and today but I’m going to log in everything and hopefully I didn’t do too bad. I did have lunch with my friend at the Old Spaghetti Factory today so hopefully I had the points left over for that…

I am looking forward to getting to my meeting tomorrow. I miss my meetings, I like the people there and I like my leader.  She’s genuine and friendly. So tomorrow I will write about what our meeting was about but since Lent is a completely different subject, I thought I’d post that first. The meeting post will come out probably Friday or Saturday.

Anywho… I thought I’d just write a quick blip on my break to keep the blog going and know I’m still working on my journey!

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Getting Back on Track

I know I mention it every time I post but I’m sorry for being gone so long.  Not only to the people who read my blog but to myself as well because I know it’s helpful for me to journal, even if it isn’t overly personal, I still feel like it’s an outlet for me.

My family has been dealing with a lot in the last couple of months and last Monday, my sister-in-law, Gina, lost her battle with cancer.  She died in her sleep and we knew she didn’t have long but we didn’t think it would be that fast. We are still raw and in shock that she went so fast.  She touched so many peoples lives and I feel very lucky that she was part of my life for as short of a time as it was. I miss her so much and feel angry that my nephew had to lose his mother at such a young age. I’m angry too that my brother became a 27 year-old widower.  It’s just so wrong.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with going to at least weigh in at meetings but I’ve had other things going on the last few Thursdays and I don’t have enough time to sit in for a meeting on my 1/2 hour lunch break when I do have to go at that time. I did stay for this week’s meeting which is a topic I’m always needing to work on and that is clutter. Not just physical, but mental clutter.

If you’ve been reading for a while you know that I go to Fresno every year for this big block yard sale my aunt’s neighborhood holds in May so being that it’s so close, it’s something I need to really work on and I think if I can really get a handle on the physical clutter, it can help with the mental clutter.  So my plan for Sunday is to get a good chunk of that out of the way so I have some of my crap to bring down there.

She also talked to us about stresses and what we can do to keep stress from getting the better of us, not just eating out of stress, but for our own mental sanity.  I am reading up on meditation and want to start doing meditation at least 10 minutes a day but I guess I don’t know how to start.  Do I just sit and pay attention to my breathing or what do I do? I have been researching and looking to see if there are any podcasts or apps that are good for meditation where I don’t have to spend money (or not much) to help me get started.

That’s about it from me. My goal is to just get a post out per week on the Weight Watchers topics and anything going on in my life, may be late next week and I won’t be able to make a full on meeting because Gina’s rosary is that Thursday but I will get an idea of what was talked about from the weekly handout.

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Weight Watchers- Tracking and Managing Your Time


Ugh I’m a week behind and I was going to talk about both this week and last week’s topics but of course I can’t find the weekly booklet from yesterday and (naturally!) I can’t remember what we talked about…

To start off, I lost .4 lbs this week and hit my four week weigh-in and got a my snazzy little keychain for my charms. I was happy with that as I ate a lot of amazing food over last weekend in Monterey so the fact that I lost almost 1/2 of a pound is way better than gaining!

So last week we talked about tracking. We went beyond the subject of just tracking normal every day foods. We talked about tracking our moods so we can look back at what our moods were like on good and bad days and see if that has something to do with it, tracking water which is not a feature on the app nor in the paper trackers anymore, but you can still log in water by searching the way you do with food.  I tried that a couple of times but I can also track my water on my Fitbit app and it’s easier to do there.

Tracking food for me is super important and will make or break my weigh-in results. It keeps you accountable of what you are eating and how much you can spend for the rest of the day instead of just guessing.

I do think it’s important to track my moods, especially with my hormones being constantly out of whack because of my having PCOS, so I’m going to think of how to best do that. Which reminded me that I remember what we talked about this week so I’ll mention that a little further down. I’m thinking of either having a daily journal where I just post simple things in the journal to look back on or something like that. I need easy and quick otherwise I won’t stick to it.

Also, with tracking water, I am pretty sure I don’t get enough in. They really say 1/2 of your body weight in ounces or 1/2 ounces which if I did ounces would be 14 cups of water per day. I couldn’t physically do that. BUT 1/2 of that is 7 cups which would be the lower end of the spectrum so if I stick with 8 to 10 8 ounce cups of water per day, I figure I’m in good shape. And I find the fitbit app to be easiest for tracking that for me personally. But it’s not hard to do in the Weight Watchers app either. Just add it like you would normal food and you can either do it each time you drink a cup of water or just keep adding to the one entry…

Anyway, yesterday we talked about Managing Our Time. We brought up things that were important for us that we need more time for and figuring out ways to find that time for ourselves.

The best way for me to manage my time is in my bullet journal. I’m not great with keeping track in my bullet journal but I’ve been more consistent with that than other planners in the past. I like that I can tailor it to how I want to view things. I go into the details of my bullet journal soon as it’s becoming quite the popular planner in recent years.

Anyway, that’s about it from me. I’m going to start working on my trip report too from the weekend so hopefully I’ll get that out soon as well. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Weight Watchers Weigh-In and Weekend Fun

Darn it all if I didn’t mean to write this on Thursday but just didn’t have the time! Better late than never! This will be kind of a quick post because it’s 6:30 on a Saturday morning and I’m super tired but I’ll get out what I can. 🙂

I lost another 1.6 pounds this week bringing me to 6.2 down total. I am very happy about that! We talked about tracking during the meeting.  She brought up more than just tracking food.  They did remove the water intake tracker on the app and in the journals but I didn’t even think about the fact that you can add water like you add food to your tracker which I think would be a great idea so I can keep track of how much I drink per day.

She also mentioned mood tracking so you can look back and see what your mood was like if you had a bad week or good week. I forgot other things you can track that we mentioned but I’ll make a more in-depth post about it in a few days.

So I took Friday and Monday off of work because we are currently in Monterey with my aunt and cousin and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it here. I know I’ve mentioned before that we used to spend every Thanksgiving in Carmel and spend Thanksgiving Day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium so this place holds a very special place in my heart. In fact, I told my mom that if I could move anywhere, I’d move to Carmel. Yes, even more so than moving to the Anaheim area. I LOVE Disneyland but I could always go visit.

Anyway, we went to the Aquarium yesterday as soon as we got here and had dinner at Bubba Gumps then walked around Cannery Row a little bit. Not a whole lot to see, just a lot of touristy shops but we had a great day and I’ll do a trip report soon so you can see some of the pictures.

Today we’re going to go to Carmel to walk around the shops and have dinner at one of my mom and my favorite restaurant’s, Rio Grill, which we hope is as amazing as it used to be since the menu changed quite a bit. Sunday, my aunt and cousin will be leaving to go home in the morning but my mom and I plan to spend some time here before heading back since i took Monday off to rest.

Okay we’ll I’ll stop there, but I will be going into more details on the meeting topic and doing the trip report too soon.

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Missing Weight Watchers

I have been missing Weight Watchers in the absolute worst way since I quit several months ago. So guess what I did? I rejoined! I went back last week and was shocked to see that I was the exact weight I was when I had rejoined last time, which is also my heaviest. I thought I was easily ten pounds more than that so that was happy news for me!

I am SO SO SO glad to be back. I’ve missed the meetings and the support I get from Weight Watchers and the fact that the program now (which is the same as it was when I left a few months ago) really focuses on being healthy, not the number on the scale. So I tracked everything, which is really the most important step of the program, all week and ended up losing 4.6 pounds! And I’m going to share a story with you because I think it’s a total learning experience and can show you that you can indulge on occasion and still lose weight.

So yesterday being weigh in day, I didn’t want to eat the turkey wraps I’ve been making because of the salt in the turkey lunch meat… I was going to make tuna but ran out of time in the morning and figured I’d try to get something not too bad at Panera or somewhere. Well, I got hangry at lunch time… I ended up going to El Pollo Loco. Did I get their grilled chicken? NO! I had to get their new chicken strips and fries… I felt like CRAP after I ate it and I was so disappointed in myself. But I just though, you ate this. It’s over. Just move on.  Don’t let it ruin your progress. And I went to my meeting and 4.6 pounds down showed on the scale!

So take it from me.  If you are absolutely craving something greasy or indulgent and just can’t get it off of your mind and a healthier version of it just won’t cut it, one meal won’t ruin your life. Even on a weigh in day!

Now don’t expect to lose that much every week. It’s my first week back and you can expect to see that because of water bloat and all that stuff. All Weight Watchers wants you to do is lose .5 (that is one half of a pound!) to 2 pounds per week. Losing slowly really helps to keep the weight off.

Look at me preaching when I haven’t gotten to my own goal.. But it’s true. It’s something they really try to ingrain in you at the meetings.

Anyway, it’s been a busy year for me, but now that I’m back at Weight Watchers I have more I can talk about and the move is over and done with and we are settled into our new place finally! So I really hope to be posting at least once per week after my weigh ins to talk about the meetings. Maybe post some recipes again. I miss doing that. I’m going to try to make red beans and rice and if it comes out well I’ll share it. I’m not familiar with southern food as I’m a full fledged California Girl but I am trying to venture out into other cuisines that I haven’t cooked before.

Okay I’ll leave you there! Got a busy weekend ahead of me and an even funner weekend after that which I will talk about next time!

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List Making and Getting out of a Rut

I’m sure I say this over and over again but I’m in this vicious cycle of eating like crap, not getting quality sleep, being disorganized, being sluggish and depressed, and just feeling crappy in general. I know there are a lot of different things that contribute to it (sister-in-law being sick, inherited depression, PCOS, it’s friggin hot outside!), most of which I cannot control, but I’m getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and something needs to change.

I need to get my life in order and find things that are going to help me do that. I truly want to post more here so and not belonging to weight watchers at the moment is making it kind of hard to come up with ideas for things. But I will work on that.  Just because I’m not a Weight Watcher member doesn’t mean I can talk about health related things. So I’m going to sit down with a notebook (I’m sure I have a blank one laying around somewhere) and start coming up with ideas to help myself and get back to blogging on a more regular basis (more often than once every other week which is good for me this year…)

I have actually done some things this past week. I finally got out to my first Neverlander Disney meeting this year (I know I missed 1/2 the year…) which was a pool party on Saturday and I’ll post about that a bit over at my Disney blog and I’m made my mom’s macaroni salad and stuffed eggs for that on Friday. I had some Disney character shaped noodles my cousin got me in Australia that I used but you couldn’t really tell. I figured they would appreciate that.

After that I found out that my brother and nephew were swimming at our place so I when I got home I went swimming for another 1/2 hour before we headed to Target and my mom and I got something to eat at Red Robin. Monday was my 33rd birthday and my aunt’s is the following day. My coworker dressed up my cubicle with streamers and got me 2 dozen old fashioned donuts and made me a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream (like I needed the sugar!).

Untitled I also had to go to the DMV on my birthday because they needed me to take a new picture and thumbprint and an eye test so that was a fun thing to do on my birthday… I at least had an appointment and it got me out of work early. That night we went to the Tower Cafe for dinner with my brother and aunt which was amazing as usual. Untitled

Then we went back to my aunt’s house for dessert and presents for both my aunt and me.


My mom made an angel food cake, and my aunt got strawberries and lemon chiffon ice cream from Vic’s which is a local ice cream shop. Their lemon chiffon ice cream is seasonal and completely amazing.

Anyway, I’m going to cut it off there as our internet is shut off at the moment (long story I don’t want to bore you with) and they are closing the Peet’s Coffee we’re at in 10 minutes but I will get something together to post more consistently in the future.

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